Scalp Micropigmentation With Hair – can it be done and how does it work?

As ever, frequently asked questions often come with a very simple answer. Scalp micropigmentation with hair. Can it be done? And that simple answer you’re all waiting for… yes. It can. And the great news is the results are not only remarkable but also systematically successful.

SMP with hair – how does it work?

Follicles matter a lot when you’re experiencing hair loss or diffuse thinning. Which is why this question is so frequently asked. Pattern baldness happens to over half the population and affects both men and women alike. And the fact that you won’t have to risk losing more of those precious follicles during treatment is crucial. A technician working on a patient will administer natural pigments throughout the hairline, working section-by-section to provide underlying shading to the zones where the scalp is most visible. The pigments are implanted lightly underneath the outer layer of the skin using a machine equipped with a very fine microneedle. Once the pinpricks from treatment have healed over, they will leave you with an indelible marking that resembles a series of tiny hair follicles which sit underneath your existing hair.

For anyone considering scalp micropigmentation with hair, the journey begins with an initial consultation. During this essential meeting, a technician will be able to evaluate the extent of your current hair loss whilst taking into consideration future thinning predictions. This enables your technician and clinic to come up with a best-fit solution for your own particular condition. Once this consultation is completed, treatment can begin. Generally speaking, any given SMP session will take anything up to four to five hours and the usual requirements are between two to four treatment sessions in total.

Once your SMP program is completed, aftercare regimes will need to be adhered to, to ensure the longevity of your scalp micropigmentation. Aftercare is not an overly complex science, it involves simple hygiene efforts and includes guidelines on washing your scalp post-treatment. Once this period is completed you are left with a maintenance-free and confidence-boosting aesthetic cover-up which will last for years.

scalp micropigmentation with hair – the advantages

The advantages of this innovative and contemporary procedure are, quite frankly, endless. However, if you’re losing precious follicles and really have concerns about losing more during treatment, it’s useful to note that it’s a fully holistic procedure that uses only natural ingredients. They are pigments that are specifically designed for scalp micropigmentation and should you also be taking additional prescribed medication for promoting hair growth, they will continue to work, post-scalp micropigmentation treatment.

If you suffering from the crushing condition of hair loss or diffuse thinning, dealing with the problem through SMP is truly a solution that provides guaranteed results. For anyone wishing to discuss the details of scalp micropigmentation with hair, we are always on hand to answer questions. In addition, if you would like to see any of our previous work then why not hop over to your favorite social media platform and see our gallery that is packed with successful before and after photos. Alternatively, reach out to us by email right here to make an appointment today.