Scalp Micropigmentation for Density

Hair loss is devastating. It happens to a large proportion of the population on our planet and the psychological damage is immeasurable. For these very reasons, more people are turning to scalp micropigmentation for density issues, which is why it’s a treatment that is firmly making a household name for itself.

Society has formatted us all to believe that our hair should be thick, glossy and abundant. It symbolizes beauty and is a strong sign of health and vitality. When diffuse thinning begins most of us don’t know where to turn, and to talk about it is nothing short of taboo. We can’t reformat society and their beliefs. So we are left with only two other options. Put up with the misery it brings – or find a hair restoration solution that works.

SMP for Diffuse Thinning – How Does it Work?

To begin your hair restoration journey an initial consultation will be made to evaluate the extent of your diffuse thinning and also to formulate reasonable predictions for future loss. This is done on using a simple, yet effective visual classification chart called the Norwood scale for men or Ludwig for women. Once this initial process is complete, a treatment plan can be organized.

The scalp micropigmentation process is a simple case of a technician implanting natural pigments underneath the existing hairline to provide a layer of shading across the scalp. This layer takes the form of a series of tiny dots which represent imitation hair follicles growing through the skin. Working seamlessly with your skin tone and hair color, the end result is a look of an ultimately natural appearance of increased density to your thinning hair.

Beginning treatment can be a daunting business. But the beauty of scalp micropigmentation for density issues will provide you with the following benefits :

  • Quick to administer
  • Maintenance-free
  • Provides instant results
  • Guaranteed to work

Another alternative to add even more density in severe cases of diffuse thinning is to consider the option of combining a transplant with scalp micropigmentation treatment.

Are There Precautions Post SMP Treatment?

Once you’ve undergone this life-changing treatment you’ll need to adhere to certain guidelines in the very initial instance to ensure the longevity of your procedure. These guidelines include the following :

  • Avoid getting your treatment wet for the first few days post-treatment.
  • Strenuous activities that create sweating should be avoided for ideally one month after your SMP has been administered. This includes swimming, steam rooms, gym sessions and, saunas.
  • Refrain from intense sun exposure for one month after treatment has been completed.
  • Moisturize regularly, using suitably adapted products that contain natural and unperfumed ingredients.

For more advice concerning the aftercare guidelines, speak to your technician before treatment begins.

If you are suffering from the devastating effects of diffuse thinning, scalp micropigmentation is a revolutionary treatment that can really make a difference in your life. If you’d like to discuss scalp micropigmentation for density purposes, then please reach out to us right here to begin your hair restoration journey today.