Is Scalp Micropigmentation Safe?

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Scalp Micropigmentation, which is also known as SMP is an innovative and avant-garde hair loss solution that replicates the appearance of a fuller head of hair. It restores hairlines that are receding, adds density to remaining hair and can also work as a concealer for all types of scarring including those which can occur post-transplant. However, there is a burning question on the minds of many people. Is scalp micropigmentation safe?

It’s pretty obvious that most treatments and procedures administered to the body come with some elements of risk. However, with scalp micropigmentation, to date, no serious side effects have been reported. But it’s a relatively new procedure. So albeit the long-term risks are difficult to evaluate, considering the short-term, there are certain elements you will need to take into account, should you be considering this cutting-edge treatment :

The professionalism of your chosen clinic or technician

Albeit scalp micropigmentation is ground-breaking, it’s also a relatively new procedure that lacks regulations. For this reason, you will need to fully investigate and research your chosen provider. SMP is a safe procedure but you may encounter risks with scalp micropigmentation if you fall into the hands of an underqualified technician. Don’t hesitate to verify the credentials of your chosen provider. Ask where they received training, find out how long it took. And also look up their ratings on search engines and check out their social media platforms where they should have before and after photos of their previous work.

Needle health and safety precautions

With any treatment involving the use of needles, the technician administering your scalp micropigmentation should provide clean and sterile ones. Each patient should have a clean and new needle and if you think the facility you are using is being neglectful, look for an alternative clinic immediately.

Allergy considerations

There are situations where certain people have allergic reactions to pigment types when it is implanted into their skin. If you have any skin conditions or are prone to allergies, it’s advisable to do a test patch in advance. Ingredients on bottles of pigments are available as are certificates of conformity. Don’t hesitate to ask to see them.

Pigment quality

Clinics and technicians are advised, during training, to use only natural pigments over tattoo inks. However, certain will cut corners by using low-quality SMP inks or the cheaper ones designed for tattooing. These inks can contain metals that are not ideal as they can provide the risk of discoloration amongst other things.

Side effects of scalp micropigmentation treatments are not only rare, but they are also pretty much non-existent. If you’re worried about any aspects of SMP safety then speak to your technician during your initial consultation, pre-treatment. Feeling comfortable before receiving your scalp micropigmentation treatment should be the first concern prior to the procedure taking place.

To receive treatment is a life-changing decision that will create results that are incredibly realistic. They can invoke a sense of regenerated confidence and self-esteem should the right technician to be your treatment provider. For anyone asking themselves, is scalp micropigmentation safe? The answer is yes, provided you adhere to the recommendations of this article and use a decent dose of common sense.