Before and After Scalp Micropigmentation Recommendations

For anyone considering scalp micropigmentation, they will know it’s not only a huge decision to make but also a life-changing one. Yet if we look beyond the emotional aspects we also have to face the fact that it’s a financial investment. For this very reason, not only should your treatment be right – but the longevity needs to be taken into consideration. Which is why before and after scalp micropigmentation rituals are a key part of the process.

Here at SMP Georgia, we can’t place enough stress on the importance of adhering to the aftercare of scalp micropigmentation. If, for no other reason, than from an aspect of safety. Albeit SMP is a non-invasive procedure, the moment a needle breaks through the skin’s protective barrier, known as your epidermis, you run the risk of infection should any bacteria enter the site. As a clinic, we are stringent about our own hygiene regulations, clean clinic, fresh needles for each treatment to name the obvious. However, when you return home and close your front door behind you, you’ll need to carry on this rigorous hygiene procedure for your own personal interests.

So what are the before and aftercare recommendations for SMP?

Before and Aftercare Procedure for Scalp Micropigmentation

Recommendations before SMP treatment

  • Initially, if you have been sunbathing, ensure you leave your skin enough time to return to its natural shade and tones. This enables your technician to work with correct color matchings when administering treatment.
  • If you suffer from dry skin, moisturize both morning and night in the run-up to treatment. If you’re unsure of your skin type, ask your technician who will be administering your SMP.
  • Avoid alcohol for a few days prior to treatment and if you are taking any blood-thinners, including Aspirin, speak to your medical practitioner about eligibility in advance.
  • Consider your desired hairline in advance.

Aftercare recommendations for scalp micropigmentation treatments

  • Avoid getting your scalp wet for three to five days post-treatment. If you really need to shower, a delicate sprinkling of water is sufficient but not for the first 3 days.
  • Post-treatment, for a full month, avoid activities that create sweat including gym sessions, saunas and sunbathing.
  • After three to five days have passed, a gentle rise under a cool shower is the recommendation. Prior to your second session, light and unperfumed moisturizers are ok. However, it’s advisable to speak to your provider for recommendations on brands.
  • After one full and an entire week has passed, it is perfectly acceptable to begin using products such as soaps and washes but natural products are your recommended course of action.
  • Once your full course of scalp micropigmentation treatments is completed your regular life-style will resume after approximately 1 month. This includes gym sessions, beach visits and sunbathing.

From a technician’s point of view, before and after scalp micropigmentation procedures are not really negociable. If you don’t adhere to the recommended regulations you risk not only infection but a premature fading of implanted pigments. For further advice and information on our guidelines, you can reach out to us here with your questions.