Scalp Micropigmentation for Transplant Scars

Scars are psychologically difficult, particularly when they are on the scalp and become visible from hair loss. Scars are born from many different reasons, however, the most common form of scarring on the scalp stems from transplants.

Scalp micropigmentation is becoming a household name in the battle against scalp scarring. It can conceal the offending zones and works beautifully as a long-term restoration solution. However, it runs much further than camouflage. As anyone living with sizeable and visible scars will know, the psychological impact this has on your life can be extensive. Scar concealment by SMP is the answer to living life without scar visibility, which is quite simply life-changing.

At SMP Georgia, founders and technicians Milla and Serge are experienced to treat your scarring with minute precision. Their skillset is vast and they can advise on all preparational measures that you’ll need to take. Once completed, their post-treatment advice is valuable and comes packed full of knowledge. If you are suffering from scalp scarring and would like to discuss treatment, you can reach out to SMP Georgia and the team, right here.

Scar Concealment & SMP

No matter where a scar is, there’s a story behind it. At SMP Georgia we are interested in your history and how your scarring came to be. It helps us understand you as a client and the physiology of your unique marking.

Scalp Micropigmentation is an avant-garde and groundbreaking treatment which can conceal your scarring by implanting natural pigments on the site of your scar. Restoration is quick and results are always instant and guaranteed.

If you are looking to speak to one of our team here at SMP Georgia, just click right here and reach out to us. With our wealth of knowledge and experience behind us, we can discuss your scar and recommend the perfect treatment tailored specifically to your requirements.

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