Scalp Micropigmentation is an aesthetic treatment used as a cover-up for hair loss. Suited to both men and women alike, our Georgia clinic provides tailored and best-fit solutions to all of our clients. Being industry leaders in hair restoration, our safe hands provide a solid guarantee.

Our results speak for themselves, as does our long list of satisfied clients who recommend our clinic to their friends, family and co-workers

Referred to as scalp micropigmentation, yet often also known as SMP, your chosen hair technician will place tiny pigment deposits into the dermal layer of the scalp. Each of these deposits represents the appearance of a hair follicle, resulting in a coherent blend of remaining hair and treatment.

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Here at SMP Georgia, we work hand-in-hand, with understanding and compassion, for our clients’ hair loss disorders. Treating a range of alopecias, from male and female pattern baldness, through to alopecia patch baldness. Or drug-induced hair loss to scar concealment. It’s our expertise and precision for details which make the differences and our aim for guaranteed customer satisfaction.

We believe the quality of our results stems from years of supreme and high level training. Yet it runs deeper than this. It’s also courtesy of our rich knowledge and above all, our long and diverse experience in the industry. If it’s world-class results you are looking for, our SMP clinic here in Georgia is the right choice for you.

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SMP Georgia is proud to offer to their clients Milla Rosen and Serge Bovbalan, two of the most skilled and experienced technicians in the United States. With results speaking for themselves, there is also a long list of satisfied clients who run testament to the trade. Providing blue-chip results with each treatment, don’t hesitate to contact the team and discuss your scalp micropigmentation requirements.

And finally, let’s talk about clinic choice. Because opting for the right one is essential. Here at SMP Georgia, we place heavy weights on professionalism and guaranteed results for every treatment. Our skill set in the industry was born from passion, hard work and training. Yet it also stems from a rich knowledge and experience for this highly specialized procedure.


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