Scalp Micropigmentation & Alopecia

Alopecia Areata is an unpredictable hair loss condition. It is where disc-like bald patches the size of a coin will appear across the scalp. There is very little research linked to the disorder and it can occur over the space of just a few days. In the majority of cases, it is just a few patches that will occasionally move across the scalp, from zone to zone. For others, the patch baldness is more severe.

One of the biggest problems linked to this condition has to be the ability to emotionally adapt to it. It’s not a contagious disorder and will not make you physically ill. However, it does require treatment to deal with the psychological trauma attached to it.

Scalp Micropigmentation is a perfect solution for Alopecia Areata and the results are incredibly successful. Working through the scalp, your technician will use natural pigments, providing shading, and paying particular attention to problem zones. The added benefits of SMP with this distressing condition is it doesn’t damage any of the existing hair follicles. In addition, any topical treatments being used will continue to work alongside this unpredictable disorder.

SMP for Alopecia, Where to Begin

Alopecia is a hard-hitting disorder which can have a simply devastating impact on your life. It can come as quickly as it goes, however, it is unpredictable and difficult to come to terms with. Rebuilding your hairline goes hand-in-hand with regaining your self-esteem and confidence levels.

Scalp micropigmentation is the ideal solution for this debilitating condition and comes with the added benefits of being non-harmful to the healthy and existing hair follicles. Your chosen technician will work through your current hair, section-by-section, implanting pigments underneath the epidermis level of your skin. The end result is shading which sits underneath your existing hair, providing an illusion of density, whilst concealing the bald patches caused by alopecia.

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